mpi_api_wrapper documentation

This project aims to provide a C++ interface to the MPI C library. The official C++ bindings did little to make the MPI library natural to a C++ programmer.

A more natural interface is achieved through the use of advanced C++ features that perform the correct type checks, enforce const correctness and reduces the number of errors associated with using the MPI C bindings.

To maintain consistency with the standard C++ library, the project mimics the naming conventions and aims to provide a zero-cost abstraction on top of the C bindings. It is important to note that some function names will change to be clearer and their MPI C equivalents will be noted or obvious from the name.

Please note that due to limited developer resources, not all functions will be wrapped but will happily be included on a user request. If you feel that there is a missing feature please open an issue on the issue tracker.

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